Where there is healing,
there is hope...

At Neurofeedback Therapeutic Solutions, we strive to make your therapeutic experience a comfortable and healing one. We offer various orientations of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, neurofeedback training (a modality of biofeedback), and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for trauma. Our team truly believes in the transformative and life-changing power of a strong therapeutic relationship, and with that, we bring our passion, empathy, warmth and unconditional positive regard to each counseling session.

We have three offices, one fully equipped for neurofeedback training, and the others comfortably outfitted for psychotherapy and EMDR. We offer individual counseling, as well as couples and family counseling. We aim to treat a variety of emotional and behavioral needs by first completing an extensive initial evaluation, followed up by diagnostic assessments, and a customized treatment plan for each client. We specialize in therapy for clients who are veterans, first responders, individuals with trauma, adolescents, individuals with anxiety, and we utilize neurofeedback therapy to treat ADD/ADHD.

By utilizing multicultural sensitivity, best practices, and a variety of evidence-based techniques, we hope to provide you with the support, insight, and coping skills to achieve your specific treatment goals.